Option Selection Information 2020-2021

Option selection is the process of choosing your courses for the next school year. Your course selection determines which courses are offered and which courses you are scheduled in for 2020-2021. It is important that you take care to choose courses that will allow you to pursue your post-secondary goals, so be sure to explore your pathway through the resources provided. 
There will be grade-level assemblies to review some of the courses that are available for selection. There will also be homeroom sessions where you will review graduation requirements (linked below - "What do I need to graduate"), the available courses booklet (linked below - "Common Course Calendar 2020-2021) and the Option Selection Information sheet for your grade (linked below). With this information in mind, you will use the option selection form to select your courses. It is expected that students will review this information with their parents prior to electronically requesting their courses during the week of February 18th-21st, 2020.
Consider enhancing your high school diploma by participating in our Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM). We offer SHSMs in Arts and Culture, Environment, Construction and Information, and Communication Technology. Applications for these programs can also be found below. 
Other specialized programs include Full-Day hands-on co-operative education programs in Aviation and Aerospace, Construction and Motive Power, traditional half-day co-operative education programs and the Hockey Skills Academy. Applications for these programs are also found below.